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Geoff's published plays are: Other People, Watch My Lips, Manny's Party, Benny's Funeral, Starch, Hanging in There, Ring Ring, Under the Rainbow, Lesser Mortals and The Inaccurate Conception (the last co-written with Richard Ahsam). They have been performed by various companies in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany and Queensland, Australia. Night Classes has been performed but is, as yet, unpublished. A new play, Princess Liar, is due for production in July 2013.

Geoff has appeared in the movies Whispers; England, My England; Staggered and Poker Face. He was AD on Luca de Salvia's Deliquescent, contributed to the script for the video for the Paper Crows' Fingertips and co-wrote Stone. He co-wrote and was AD on Banana.

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