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Film and story, art direction and lighting, textures and gestures--- pulling emotion out of every frame is what draws me to film.

Well, you won’t find that here.

Flying A Films is me on adventure, learning new gear, and messing around throwing wads of chicken feathers at phish… most of the time.

14 was the age requirement to get an FCC license and talk on the radio for scratch, but I started whey, way before that. After my voice deepened and Magnum PI chest hairs started to pop out, I started writing and producing commercials for radio, which led to TV, which lead to speeches, which led to building teams of creative people who lent me cameras to take on adventure. So you drop a few Canon lenses in the water?

Story drives me, but am learning to use my company’s new Canons (with new lenses mind you). We are making a national documentary, telling the story about how one river and her people represents who we all are as Americans.

Don’t worry; I have real cinematographers and editors.

Stay in Focus & Change the World,


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  1. Not quite ready to think about fall/winter fishing, but this is spectacular. Great stuff. Don New/Flatlander