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ABOUT THE MUG SHOT PICTURES: The charge was dropped but the public arrest record remains, giving the false impression that I was guilty. A misinformed police officer thought it was illegal to drive on a prescription pain medication I sometimes take for arthritis. This happened in 2006 when I was stopped at a St. Patrick's Day checkpoint with dozens of other drivers; I hadn't been drinking and answered the routine questions honestly, which led to the unjustified arrest. Mugshot websites cull public data and then tell you they will remove the information if you pay them $400. Then it could come up on another site, for another $400, and on and on. They're getting away with this because the First Amendment protects them, but what they're doing amounts to extortion, and libel as well for those wrongly accused. I'm hoping some smart lawyer will prosecute on this basis and throw them all in jail.

That aside, I am passionate about and love my job teaching writing, research, and critical thinking skills to First Year Composition students. My students are terrific and I enjoy their spirit and determination to succeed.

Another major interest is trying to find a cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis.


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  1. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face! So true. Loved it.
  2. It's wonderful to see animals treated humanely and with respect. Bravo to you for your integrity and commitment.