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  1. Hello, I'm a professional filmmaker/editor. My most recent job was the documentary "S9 - David Grachat", laureate with Best Sports Film at Erasmus Film Festival and 2nd Prize Documentary at Odemira Film Festival. I think we can do a great work together…
  2. Still interested? My e-mail is .
  3. hi I am from India. Please watch my videos on vimeo. There are 1,2,3 and 4 camera projects. Pls also check my site I am interested in your projects. I am available on skype for discussion. bye Raj
  4. Live in Rumania. 10 years editing. Enlace:
  5. Hello Sir, I am a Freelanced wedding Video/Photo editor from last 8 years in India. I got footage's in hard drive more than 50 times from overseas without any problem. Can we talk to edit your video's thank you Prabhu
  6. If you are still interested, I am an editor and visual effects artist who is based in Brisbane, Australia. Link:
  7. Already have an editor, looking for another to ease the workload and speed up turnaround. Non profit company so payment is not great and out of my own pocket. £100 per edit - edit must be to the same standard as our current videos and within an…
  8. ive had this problem the first thing todo is put your iso to 160 shutter speed to 1/48 or 1/50 lowest fstop you have. shoot a 10 sec video. then move up to 320iso then 640iso. to me the canon cameras get alot of grain in no light after 400iso. most…