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The ambivalence of this work is quite surprising. Between spontaneity and the structuration of the brushstrokes, colours with anarchistic behaviours come to shatter the singularity of the established order obeying to none of the rules of composition, expressing the depth of the artist’s ego which, despite himself controls his instincts trying not to rise suspicions of hidden reality.
Through these geometrical forms, one guesses a search for permanent equilibrium. This equilibrium is consolidated by the structuring elements that one could imagine infinite. Some figurative elements come sometimes to add themselves amongst those strokes represented as face shapes, which he calls masks because they remain unrevealed. For the artist, the eyes and the stare have a major importance. They are portrayed as the mirror to the soul; thanks to them everything becomes visible and the transparency gives way.
The colour when present is vibrating and imposing. It takes possession of the space devoted and seems to penetrate the solid structure and occupies artistically all its space. Drips and colour projections become emancipated and embed themselves into the composition and match haphazardly with the material.
Romain Froquet has evolved and revealed himself artistically through the artist collective 9eme concept, which aims to make art accessible to everyone and to create an interaction between the public and the artist. His influences and inspirations come from this but also from a wider art represented by the tribal art, African or even South American.
Anne-Cécile Lourenço, member of the 9eme concept’s staff wrote about him: “Romain Froquet’s style has since his beginnings, expressed appearances through faces whose stares and scars led him towards the exploration of a more instinctive unconscious, singular. Far from his original figurative style, he acquired a dense stroke, sometimes vigorous, sometimes organic and clear, which he develops in arabesques and abstract volutes. Taking his initial strokes as a base, he builds and details a frame that will reveal, by its delicacy and ramifications, a chaotic urbanisation, a genealogical tree, or African inspired masks, memories from his past loves. Thus, his work has evolved into complex asymmetrical shapes, controlling colours and provoking the space, heading to a coherent and structured abstraction. A spontaneous drawing, emancipated from the gaze of others.”


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