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The dollHouse was established in 2004 as a production company to help with entries for the Idaho Panhandle Film Festival. Since that time it has produced the following.

2004 The Secret World of Wildfire (sample for Forest in Crisis grant money)
The Dress (narrative short)
Forests in Crisis (documentary)
2005 Dante's Wallace (short to promote state financial incentive for movies in Idaho)
2006 The Incredible Bilocation of Dr. Singh (trailer)
2007 The Dot and the Line (animation)
2008 12 Narrative scripts for production
2009 5 USC Student Films
2010 Eva's Alien (trailer for feature film)
2011 12 monthly fables Fables From the DollHouse (shorts and blog available on
2012 Distant Location (a feature film currently in post production)

We can be contacted via our blog. on the "contact" tab.

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