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I’m a director who traverses the globe making television commercials.
For the following markets you need to talk to the following good folk.
Plaza Films: Australia and NZ.
Soup Films: Germany
Radke Films:Canada


  1. SpindleProductions
  2. Paranoid
  3. Matt Osborne
  4. Shane Daly - Cinematographer
  5. Wanda Productions
  6. Ant Keogh
  7. Play Films Singapore
  8. Amniótica
  9. John X. Carey
  10. Jawad Wahabzada
  11. Mads Feldballe
  12. Joe Morris
  13. Ian Kammer
  14. Sesame Media
  15. Brendon Killen
  16. Mackenzie Sheppard
  17. Nikolai von Sallwitz
  18. Charlotte Leouzon

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