The Dyslectrics

Northeast Ohio

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The Dyslectrics are a band that has a little something for everyone. They are a diverse band that hits on just about every style under the Rock N Roll umbrella.

The groovy beats of Craig Teubl on drums provide the foundation for the band. The driving bass lines come to you courtesy of Brett Adamik. Screaming guitar solos, soothing rhythms, and vocals are brought to you by James Bell and Brian Teubl.

This is not the first band for longtime friends Brett and James. In a previous band, Brett provided the drums to support the axe-grinding of James. Life pulled Brett away from that band, but James and company continued on with a new drummer. Brothers Brian and Craig Teubl are also no strangers to the life of music. They have been in a bands together on and off since they were kids. Brian and Brett also have a bit of history, having met in college, neither would have guessed they would end up in a band together years later. Brett (on drums) and James began playing music together again in late 2010. It was shortly after this that the brothers Teubl approached James about starting a band. Having played drums for most of his life, Brett made the decision to switch over to bass to fill in the piece of the puzzle that was missing. In early 2011, with a couple of original songs written by Brian and a few more from James, it wasn't long before the group had a short playlist of original songs.

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