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Speedflying is a high speed high risk sport for those who already have good canopy experience. Don’t be fooled by the way it looks, if you mess up the consequences are as high as they come. The rewards are equally as high and that’s why those of us who speedfly do it. Finding yourself on a high peak in the early morning, on one of those days you would otherwise be in bed. Cool, crisp air carrying sounds and smells up from the valley below. You set up your gear with butterflies in your stomach and wait for the perfect moment to launch..........then it comes.......
The rest I can’t describe to you but its there for you to try one day.

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  1. 90kg all up on the Fluid. Im only small but i guess the teachers were right when they said i was dense :-) Here is a mix of Davids footage and my head cam http://youtu.be/6FifVSSs2ww