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Traveling the world with nothing but my camera, backpack, my journal and pen, and God I would say best describes me and who and what I am. I am 23 years old with inspiration of love, peace, culture, God, photography, and true beauty of this world filling my body. I live for God who has blessed me with pursuing the life of photography and traveling while doing it. Sharing with me His eye of beauty about this world that not everyone sees or notices. I notice every detail in this life and it starts with the smallest. My heart changes every single day from learning something new from a photograph I take, or a new culture visited. And that my friends is what life is about, living, seeing, hearing, and feeling.

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  1. HI! Greetings from India! This is a fab video. Loved it! you know what, you should definitely submit this for the India Is video challenge! Those guys are looking for videos that are just like yours! Check out indiais.org/video for more details :)
  2. Maulik commented on This Is India
    I guess you can't. But you can edit it to make it sharper.
  3. ohkay will do :) but i think my other one is longer then 5 mintues i wonder if i can still submit it?!