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Vancouver, British Columbia

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EVIL Patrick - A Biography

Patrick was born in a Haida war canoe off the NorthWest coast of British Columbia in the late 1980's. The son of a Viking drywaller and Haida princess, he was raised in the small native fishing village of Skidegate, on Haida Gwaii.

He was brought up by his elders, and was trained in the arts and oral traditions of story telling. At the age of 13, he captured and rode his first Killer Whale, which he then used to help fish for his family in the village.

Bored with his life on a secluded island in the North Pacific, he decided to venture off to the big city of Vancouver in 2004.

He is aboriginal and believes that a photo can steal your soul, so with great glee he became a photographer. And that is how the legend of EVIL Patrick began.

The year is 2011 and EVIL Patrick is busy stealing souls and having copious amount of fun, all day, every day.

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