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I am a graduate of the UVM Forestry Program class of '09. Since then I have been working short term jobs which allow me to remain unemployed for the winter. This winter I traveled to India for 2.5 months and had an incredible trip experiencing a crazy culture and getting some great skiing along the way. I now live near Mount Baker in the PNW.

In the past I shot video with a Viosport POV1. For this winter I started shooting with a Canon 7D. I edit on a macbook pro using Final Cut Pro.

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  1. HI! Greetings from India! This is a fab video. Loved it! you know what, you should definitely submit this for the India Is video challenge! Those guys are looking for videos that are just like yours! Check out for more details :)
  2. Malathi J commented on Manali Short
    This is lovely! You should definitely check out this initiative by the Government of India- I'm sure they'd love your perspective. Happy travels!