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Eastern Orthodox Christian, Radical Labour Unionist, Work in Occupational Health and Safety, Master Degree in Theology. Love for theology, politics, history, science, philosophy and poetry.


  1. Hands Off the People of Iran
  2. 3CT
  3. CenterforPlaceCulturePolitics
  4. International Marxist Tendency
  5. Communist Party of Great Britain
  6. Platypus Affiliated Society

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  1. Awesome talk! W. Bonefeld's discussion of liberalism's planned state of competition. Laissez-faire has no place. Especially insightful is his distinction betw/ the strong state (executive committee of the bourgeois state) vs. the weak state, the…
  2. Really enjoyed this discussion. I liked O. Jones' repeated observations that the Left needs to adapt to the working class as they exist, not as we would like them. Don't demonize, but address the lack of opportunity, inequality, etc. Liked his comments…