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I'm a graduating student of the University of Westminster, May 2013 and I'm a working and practicing Camera Operator / Director / Producer!

I am only working with shoe string sized budget films whereby I can progress my talents within Production. I've worked on projects such as the online Macmillan Cancer Support Film, Fisher Price Mr. Men Toy Advertisement, James Bond Casino Royal Title Sequence and many other projects, including my University Projects.

I love watching Documentaries that present us with images and events that would not be available to us on an everyday account as this opens my eyes to the world that we live in, without the distractions of other influences.

I'm aiming to work on as much as I can at the moment, to improve my working diversity with everything that I do. If you have any projects that you're working on currently or are wanting someone like myself to work on your project, please get in touch.

Thank you!

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