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Joe Zamecki is an ex-Catholic turned Atheist since 1983, who has lived most of his life in Texas. He served three years in the Texas National Guard as an MP, and studied psychology at Austin Community College. He's an Austin musician with over a dozen years experience playing in blues bands, rock bands, country-rock bands, and a cover-band. He also does volunteer cleanup work in his neighborhood, in conjunction with the Austin Code Enforcement Department, which has resulted in several city-inspired property cleanups.

Joe worked for American Atheists for eight years, starting in Austin and then in New Jersey, then went on to serve on the board of directors of the Atheist Community of Austin and became editor of its newsletter, Atheist Community News. In 2005, Joe was awarded the American Atheists Meritorious Service Award at the American Atheists National Convention in Philadelphiam and in 2008 he was awarded the 2008 State Director of the Year Award at the American Atheists National Convention in Minneapolis. Joe has been a Life Member of American Atheists since July 4th, 1997. He now serves as Texas State Director for American Atheists, in just the right city, Austin.

Joe has also been interviewed and quoted in the media several times. His words have appeared in:

The London Telegraph

the Columbia News Service

the Chicago Daily Herald

the Cybercast News Service


The Daily Texan

The Austin American-Statesman

KLRU PBS 9 Austin

KTRH 740 News Radio Houston

WOAI Radio in San Antonio

Humanist Network News

the Pflugerville Pflag

the Wall Street Journal

and the Tower News at Kean University.

He's appeared on:
he Ananda Lewis Show

the Infidelguy Radio Show

Answers in Atheism

Sacrebleu Live!

New Jersey News12

and of course the Atheist Viewpoint

and the Atheist Experience

Joe is also listed in the book "Who's Who in Hell"

He's also posted a mess of Atheist/Freethought videos on Youtube

Also please check out

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