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  1. Alec Richker

    Alec Richker Plus Los Angeles/ Middlebury, Vermont


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    Studying film at Middlebury College in Vermont. Native Los Angelino. Favorite movies? Oh jeez... let's see: Five Easy Pieces, Jaws, Amelie, Donnie Darko, Rules of Attraction, The Iron Giant, Leon: The Professional, and EXistenZ. Favorite TV show would have to be Adventure Time, hands down.

  2. geoff tompkinson

    geoff tompkinson Plus UK and Austria


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    Photographer, Videographer, Time Lapse & Hyperlapse specialist. Timelapse Workshops : http://www.gtimage.com/workshops All footage available for licensing - http://bit.ly/gtimage For DAY-NIGHT transition lapses & HDR I use Promote Control - http://tinyurl.com/promotecontrol http://facebook.com/gtimage http://twitter.com/#!/g_tompkinson

  3. Travis Walters

    Travis Walters


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    I am a 17 years old and have been experimenting with video for almost four years now and I am wanting to get more and more deep into video as time goes on and I get more experience and constructive criticism.

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