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  1. Stanced

    by Nikitos joined

    120 Videos / 61 Members

  2. Cars

    by Björn Meijer joined

    41 Videos / 22 Members

    Hotrod vintage old cars, stance, vw's

  3. VW Independent Film Makers- DubKult ProduKtions

    by Chris McBride joined

    100 Videos / 36 Members

    THere are many young upcoming film producers and film makers that are doing great jobs around the globe, other than wagenwerks, this group is for us to unite and show the world our talent. Broght…

  4. VagScene.com

    by VAG Scene joined

    175 Videos / 72 Members

    I Heart VAG

  5. VW Videos

    by Thomas Schrother joined

    95 Videos / 16 Members

  6. vw passion^^

    by Eds Raposo joined

    10 Videos / 5 Members

  7. Rarytasy HD

    by 2DM joined

    4 Videos / 2 Members


  8. Automotive HD

    by CoPa Productions joined

    9,277 Videos / 2,672 Members

    If you enjoy the sound of loud exhaust and burning rubber of American muscle. The whistle of a turbo engine spooling up, or the class and distinction of European engineering. This is a place for…

  9. VW Audi

    by aleksander ødegård joined

    338 Videos / 102 Members

    A group for videos of VW and Audi only.

  10. VW Adventures

    by Devon 21 joined

    123 Videos / 98 Members

    Vintage VW's on the road. Journeying, camping, road-trips, city cruising, off-road, beach-side, trans-continental, back-woods, easy-going. From crossing continents in a camper, to camping…

  11. Volkswagen

    by luxuryluke joined

    233 Videos / 56 Members

    Anything VW related, especially owner videos of their own vehicles or of automotive shows showing the same.

  12. Car Porn

    by Overcrest Media joined

    454 Videos / 142 Members

    A collective of visually stunning "car porn"

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