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Kansas City, MO

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Artist, writer, mom, wife. Married 20 years and have teenage twins, age 14. I now make films and have had my first films on TV just in the last two weeks, both on Time Warner Cable, KC on Demand, Channel 113 in Kansas City, MO. Those films are Yesterday and Many Kinds of Hunger. To view these movies in hi res and hi def, as well as many of my other films go to

I have always been an artist since I could hold a crayon. All i ever wanted to do was draw and read books. And I like to write a little music too.

My films and stories are based on real life a lot. I like to make characters who are going through things that everyone goes through and I like to portray them as realistically. I enjoy a lot of dialogue in my films. I also write comedy - never knew I could do that. My movies appeal to mainstream America but I have a lot of unusual stories to tell.

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