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Initially I was an instrument maker for people such as Daryl Hall, Stevie Wonder, and others. I began composing music for large corporate clients such as Subaru, Chrysler, Caterpillar, Motorolla, etc. I released a debut album in 1989 called VARIOUS WAVES which reached the TOP FIVE of the year. I followed with 8 albums.

I work quite a bit with David Hoffman who was the Trumpet Soloist/arranger for Ray Charles. We compose individually and together for our own titles as well as Film and Video. Today we work as Producers, Enginers, and presenters on the creative and artistic process.

We are most at home with those looking for a unique perspective for their projects because thinking "outside the box" is our specialty. We are also comfortable in a number of genres of music such as Jazz, Blues, Folk, New Age, Meditative, Ambient and World music. Just as a painter may be bored using one specific medium (ie oils, pastells, etc) we enjoy working in a wide variety of areas.
I am a generalist working in a number of musical genres. My education is in ETHNOMUSICOLOGY which lends well to New Age and Global music. I have also worked in Mental Health for many years and design music for STRESS REDUCTION, HOSPICE, ADDICTIONS.

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