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Maciek Stępiński is a photographer, painter, and maker of films and installations. Stepinski’s original projects are connected with a sense of identity of a place (the south of France, Austria, California, northern Africa, Poland, Israel). His ability to feely use multiple media, with photography in particular, lets the artist thoroughly analyse his own artistic attitudes and their origins. His narratives, drawing from cinema, music, fragments of reality, personal history and memory, acquire the status of universal stories. In his works, Stępiński uses modified photography, illustrating the anonymous spots of modern life. By observing the moonlike landscape of highways from behind a windshield, making photographs of blurred Near East scenery or experiencing flashbacks of his childhood, he questions the fundamental principles of documentary photography. His video-films are hypnotizing projections that focus, above all, on the visual aspect of the medium. Stępiński refers to the issues of intuition and artistic sensitivity, somehow restoring those obscure notions to the discussion about contemporary art.

For the last ten years, Stępiński has led photographic workshops and lectured contemporary photography and video in Poland, Germany, Switzerland and in France.

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