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Alarm Control Systems provides a full suite of solutions to meet your needs for Life Safety, and Security. We’ve accommodated customers of all sizes and multiple industries. Our seasoned sales personnel and engineers are some of the best in the business. We've provided solutions various solutions including School Districts, Theatres, and Power Plants. Alarm Control Systems has a firm commitment to quality.

It’s essential you have the appropriate protection for you, your business, your employees, or your assets. There are multiple ways to provide the protection you deserve. Alarm Control Systems has been providing Fire Alarm, Security, and CCTV Protection, and for organizations for over 30 years.

Our experience allows us to engineer solutions that provide innovative, new ways to provide Fire Protection and Security Protection. We are one of the few companies in the state of Utah that can provide point to point solutions. In other words, we manage projects from their inception, to the time those projects are turned over to our service departments.

From A to Z, Alarm Control Systems provides a quality of work/service that generally leaves our customers satisfied.

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