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The Midnight Jam is an online program produced by WayOutWest Media showcasing how much fun music can be when it’s live and “off‐the‐floor” in an intimate space.

Acts travel to an undisclosed studio location where our host, Bobby Ferris, chats informally with them about life, community and music. Our guest band plays and records live in the studio with our resident music producer, Jason Klassen.

These ‘jams’ are filmed and edited together as online episodes for your viewing enjoyment. They result in a professionally recorded compilation album, “The Midnight Jam” that will be available for purchase as a digital download. A portion of these proceeds will go to the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund.

The Midnight Jam does not beat around the bush -‐ it’s raw, punchy and up-close and personal with everyone’s favourite local and international bands!

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