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Hillsborough County Schools
Educator · 1993 to present · Tampa, Florida
I am certified in Tech Education and Middle Grade Integrated Curriculum (meaning I can teach everything) Tech Ed means I have taught Architecture, Engineering and most technology related areas.

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My two beautiful children. I love being a daddy.....there is no better place in life and their souls are with me always.

About me:
I work with homeowners, architects, landscape architects, design professionals and utilize the best pool companies in in the United States to : · Create original design concepts · Review existing designs · Provide energy efficient hydraulic systems · Discuss and specify equipment options · Provide material selections · Review proposals · Assistance with contractor selection · Construction management & job coordination · Site inspections · Pre-purchase feasibility studies .

I am also a school teacher certified in every subject and love teaching architecture and 3d virtual design and animation.

I am originally from the midwest with midwestern values........well there is another side but "shhhhhh, that is private". I played professional football and baseball in Europe, was a national champion in two sports, on two continents, and in three countries.......I have been blessed with some good fortunes and two beautiful children that keep me humble and focused.

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