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Both my parents were born in Canada and are of Italian descent.

I am enrolled in a French Immersion program and I love Music, I love to Act, I love Art and I love to Dance... I know its MAAD isn't it... ;-). i also take Italian lessons as well.

MUSIC: I love music and going to concerts. I also play the piano and when I'm really good at playing the piano I want to learn how to play the violin, then the guitar and then the trumpet. I also love to sing and I was in the Mississauga Children Choir singing our beloved Canadian National Anthem at Iceland Arena's before the Mississauga IceDogs played.

ACT: As for acting, well... my daddy always tells me that I'm such a character. You can actually catch my acting debut in a Short Film called "For Emma Taylor", I play Emma Taylor. I have also worked on another Short Film titled "Understanding Mia", playing Lead Role of Mia, please refer to my resume for the link to this film as well as on other films I have worked on. I am enrolled in a couple of acting workshops and I like to apply for different roles that allow me to hone my skills as an actor. I of course love movies whether it is going to the theatre or watching them at home with my family and friends and a big bucket of popcorn!

ART: Although I am left handed I have to confess and tell you that I am no Leonardo da Vinci; but I do love to draw, colour, paint, play with plasticine/play-dough, etc... I love to see colour splash a page or faces and horizons brighten my parents day, I love to work my little hands shaping or molding various things and then put on a little play with them as well. I also love going to art galleries and museums seeing the works of all the artists who put their heart and soul into every piece!

DANCE: I dance competitively in jazz, tap, hi-hop, acro and lyrical all of which requires a lot of emotions and physical capabilities, oh do I love the stage!!! I also do ballet.

I also love to colour, draw, paint, do arts and crafts, put on puppet shows and play dress-up too. I love to ride my bike and foot scooter, I am also a great swimmer and skater, I love to skip and play hop-scotch and I love to play board games as well.


I love horses, dolphins and beluga whales.

Oh yeah, I love to make people laugh.

Last but not least and probably the most important thing to me and that's giving back! I am a volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society and I am on my sixth year, I also take part in our local Terry Fox run. I also help whenever I can at a senior's residence.

There is so much more I would love to do in helping others that are in need.

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