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Nick Schafer, also known as the man behind Fresh Finish Photography and one-third of Red Sky Media, has demonstrated his talents across platforms of photography, videography, and multimedia transformation, time and time again. To simply call him a photographer would fail to describe the artist he truly is. Nick first proved his talent as a club photographer in Kelowna, BC, but was quick to attract other clients, such as ICON Magazine, Urban Fare Market, Ephin Apparel, Center of Gravity Festival, and Lexus automotive, to name a few. From there, greater opportunities began to open up, and Nick found himself working with individuals such as Chef Michael Lyon, part of the Food Network’s “Chef Off!”, and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, 2-year WBA lightweight champion, actor, and producer. Now, Nick has branched into the world of music, working with artists on photo shoots, music videos, and even full-length documentaries, such as the in-production film “Definition of Me” on hip-hop artist Young Gauge. Other artists Nick has worked with include Yelawolf, Lupe Fiasco, Swollen Members, Classified, and Matt Brevner, although this is by no means an exhaustive list! With his talents, we can expect a continual flow of greatness from this incredible individual.

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