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Specialized as a dancer with the classical dancing master Pieter Van Der Sloot, after winning a scholarship in Münster (Germany), he began working in 1981 at the Bologna's Teatro Comunale, Italy.
In his career G. Silveri practised with great teachers, dancers and choreographers tooking hold of classical, modern and contemporary styles.
He found his proper aptitude as contemporary dancer following the masters Peter Goss, Carolyn Carlson and Mischa Van Hoeche. In fact since 1988 he has been one of the interpreters of the Misha Van Hoeche's Ballet Theater Ensemble.
Afterwards he begun his personal research for new movement expression getting to his individual style as a performer and coreographer.
Between 1984 and 1985 G. Silveri had the opportunity to work at the Teatro dell'Opera in Rome with the étoile M. Plissetskaja 's artistic direction.
In 1991 danced with R. Nurejev at the Verona's Teatro Filarmonico interpreting one of the roles in the "Death in Venice" by F. Flint and at Verona's Arena with C. Fracci and G. Iancu in "Romeo and Juliet" by J. Kranco-L. Gay.
In 1995 he joined E. Frey's company "Sinopia Ensemble de Danse” in La Chaux de Fond (Switzerland).
As a multi-talented artist, G. Silveri, cooperated and worked for the Italian television, for the musical theater and theater of prose.
Among the most important shows, by F. Miseria's choreography:
"Fantastico 6" 1985, with P. Baudo, L. Cuccarini
"Fantastico 8" 1987, with A. Celentano, H. Parisi
"Fantastic 10" 1989. with M.Ranieri, A. Oxa, A. Martinez.
"The Boom" 1996 with T. Teocoli, S. Ventura, G. Gnocchi.
By M. Mosconi's choreography RAI DUE:
"club 92" 1990 /'91 with G. Proietti.
In 1996/'97/'98 he choreographed and danced in “Donne sotto le stelle" a show devoted to fashion RAI DUE
He interpreted several musical theatre roles, among them:
"An American in Paris" 1995 tour, as coprotagonist, directed and coreographed by L. Cannito with R. Paganini and R. Casale;
"Irma la dolce" 1997 /'98 tour, Teatro stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, directed by A. Calenda and coreographed by A. Gatti-G. Silveri;
”A Chorus Line" 1998 tour, in the role of Richie, Compagnia della Rancia;
"Polvere di stelle" 2000/01 tour, as first dancer, directed by M. Mattolini and coreographed by T. Ventura with M. Micheli and B. Boccoli.
Since 2001 danced and coreographed for "Il balletto di Spoleto" dance company; interpreters and collaborates in “Insert coin” video-dance coreography.
In 1997/99 collaborated with the director A. Calenda attendending to the coreographic movements for:
“La passione” with P. Degli Esposti,
"Hamlet" with Kim Rossi Stuart, A. Preziosi
"Ma che c'entra Peter Pan?" with G. Ferzetti, D. Giovanetti
In 2003 choreographed and danced at the teatro greco di Siracusa in "The wasps" by Aristophanes with Pino Caruso, and 2005 at the Teatro Antico di Taormina "il dolce canto degli Dei" with Giancarlo Giannini, directed by R. Giordano.
Between 2004 and 2007 teached in the Teatro Marrucino's Laboratorio coreografico in Chieti.
For the same theater coreographed danced as first dancer in "Pulcinella" and "Histoire du Soldat" by Igor Stravinsky.
Since 2003 is performing in "Moving in the city” annual Rassegna multimadiale by Anouscka Brodactz in Pescara.
Since 2005 helds workshops and keeps on movement research in in the “Laboratorio Danza” he founded in Pescara.
In 2010, as director and coreographer, produces two videos
“DIS-USE” and “DOUBLE RÊVE” firstly presented at the ITALIARTE review in Rome.
In 2011 the same videos they were selected for the exhibition of dance-video at the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb and for "the world day of dance" in Prato. In April is a performer at the "Salone del Mobile in Milan for OIKOS, directed by F. D'Alessandro with live video art by M. Siccardi