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God often uses music to connect with people, reach the lost, and strengthen His church. People often use the gift of music to interact with God, whether directly or indirectly. Through this understanding, the Lord gave Engineer and Producer E.M.J the vision to bring forth a production company, and it would be called Alter-boy Productions. "Alter" meaning to change the state of music and an alternative approach to creating Christ-centered music in the world, and "boy" because through Christ, we are all sons of God.

The company was birthed out of a desire to see the Word of God reach the masses through dynamic, high-quality, Spirit-inspired music. Unfortunately, low quality production can hinder the delivering this all important message effectively. That is why Alter-boy has such a deep-rooted conviction to produce industry-standard quality of sound in diverse backgrounds of music. At Alter-boy, artists are able to create a professional and polished product, no matter what the genre.

Since its inception in 2008, Alter-boy has worked with some of the most inspiring talents in the Christian music industry. This includes Kareem Manuel's (fka Katalyst) debut album "Death by Design," and the powerful debut album "The Road" from Tyrone Andrew. Alter-Boy Productions continues to work diligently to create some of the most distinctive sounds shaking the music scene today. Through established partnerships with some of the most gifted producers, writers, musicians and artists around the world, Alter-boy has assisted in putting out some of the best that the body of Christ has to offer.

Today, Alter-boy Productions continues to grow and develop, not only as a production company, but as a vessel of Almighty God. The company's leadership continues to pray, fast, and study the truth of God's Word. With total submission to Christ, Alter-boy Productions will continue to create, innovate, and perfect its craft to ultimately bring Him glory.

Alter-boy looks forward to working with you to make the most of the music given to you by God.

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