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I'm originally from Williamsburg, Virginia. I went to boarding school for high school, in Richmond, Virginia, and then spent my undergrad at the University of Chicago. There I got a degree in Cinema and Media Studies and English Lang. and Lit. While there I also wrote my first feature-length screenplay (a horror set in the course of a night inside a WalMart), learned how to project 16mm and 35mm films, and made three short films. After I graduated, I went to live in Mumbai, India, for five months, interning in the Bollywood industry, and writing another, very Hindi-influenced sci-fi script. I returned in the summer of 2010, spent the time off writing, and then drove across the country to start my time at CalArts. While there I've made two short films and lots of exercises, and spent two months last semester in Berlin studying 3D filmmaking and going to the Berlinale. This summer I am working at the ArcLight cinema in Hollywood and interning in the acquisitions department at Lionsgate.

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