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BAFTA Cymru. Nominated for 'Best New Comer award' 2007.

'The Restaurant' with Raymond Blanc, (15 part series) BBC 2, 2008.
-Specialist Camera.

'Arts and Entertainment Review of the year'
(30min documentary) Indus Films - BBC Wales. 2008.

'The girl who swung to high' (10 minute
drama) ITV Wales. 2008

'Dance House 1944' Indus Films - BBC Wales. 2008

Wildlife Crime with Iolo Williams, (4 part series) Indus Films - BBC Wales. 2008

'The Playlist', Al Jazeera, (music series) 2008.

'Udder Belly' E4, 2008

'Painting Humanity' Indus films - BBC Wales 2008.
-Camera and Sound.

'An American in Aberfan' BBC Wales 2006


1st class BA(hons) degree in Documentary Film and Television .

International Film School Wales. Graduated 2007.

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