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Kaoru Katayama is a Japanese artist based in Spain since 1992. Her work addresses topics related with her condition as a foreigner, belonging to two different cultures. She is interested in situations of communication and non-communication, not only as a result of diverse geographical origins, but also due to age, gender, or social class differences within the same culture. Her current research explores the concept of “heritage”, understood as the assembly of ideas, traditions and values that are transferred inter-generationally. She examines how these values are passed on and how the “heirs” perceive or interpret them in the present.

Her works have been shown in different venues, such as:
Exposiciones individuales: 2012 Ba-ji-toh-fuh, cuando del viento del este sopla al oído del caballo. San Martín CAAM, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SP; 2011 Kaoru Katayama, Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, U.K.; 2010 Folklove. T20 Murcia, SP; 2009 Kaoru Katayama. Votla, N.Y., USA; 2008 My best effort, MC Kunst, L.A., USA; 2007 So far, so close… Casa Triângulo, São Paulo, BR; 2006 T20, Murcia, SP; 2004 Technocharro. DA2, Salamanca, SP.

Exposiciones colectivas: 2014 Lo real maravilloso. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, JP; 2013 High society. Pelaires, Palma de Mallorca, SP; 2012 Cuatro mujeres. MACE, Ibiza, SP; 2011 ¡Patria o lobertad! The Rhetorics of Patriotism, MOCCA, Toronto, CA, XI Bienal de Cuenca, Cuenca, EC, 2010 7º Biennal d´art Leandre Cristòfol. Centre d´Art la Panera, Lleida, SP, Oslo Film Festival. Filmens Hus, Oslo, NR; 2009 El sur de nuevo. Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, SP, Huésped. MNBA, Buenos Aires, AR, Mush Up. Artspace New Zealand, Aukland, NZ, In_ter_va_lo. MEIAC, Badajóz, SP; 2008 A Modest Proposal. NGCA, Sunderland, U.K.; 2007 Existencias. MUSAC, León, SP; 2006 Everybody Dance Now. EFA Studio Center, Nueva York, USA.

She won the Young Artists ARCO Award (Comunidad de Madrid) in 2006.

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