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DJ Danja first experienced how turntable works when he was 8 years old and curious about his mother's record player. He was infatuated with the idea of manipulating a record to make it sound anyway you want it to. From that point on he loved nothing more than the art of musical production with a turntable.

The following years were full of ideas for advancement of his craft. He would practice on his brother's and cousin's equipment until he put up the cash to set up his own. Soon after he began performing at parties on his own and with the support and testimony of his fans, he became the most popular DJ in his neighborhood.

From New York to North Carolina and back,DJ Danja has shared his talent with all who would listen. His mix tape and even performances at press release parties for rising companies such as Bikini Under the Bridge portray his passion for turntablism which continues to produce great movements for him and his future.

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