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  1. Nice going here, and the balloon clown in Taipei stole my heart. Best wishes at the SxSW !
  2. Ilya Eric Lee gave me a head-up and insisted that his friends all pay attention to this new book. He went on Facebook to promote the book because he most certainly takes side with what the book is all about. I took a good look at the vimeo promo…
  3. Matteo CHEN YuTing of Redner Studio in Taiwan spotted this video and was quite impressed as he has been testing different kind of software in his STL-based 3D fabrication. Grasshopper is one of his favorite while NextLimit has its charm as well.…
  4. William LUE commented on Charles Tsai
    What a shame that I was not in Taipei to attend the rare offer of TEDxTaipei. My friend Jay Lin was there and I did not double-check with him for his take-away. The presentation of Charles Tsai on the topic of 'Inconvenient Youth' is well-organized…