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James Buzzacco and Misty Neuhardt were both highly educated and experienced production directors employed at the same firm in Scottsdale, Arizona when the opportunity arose for these two unbeknown sufferers to cross paths in an almost divine encounter. Though they both desperately fought with a debilitating fear based mental disorder in private for over fifteen years, neither could detect the symptoms or behaviors from one another because of how proficient they had become in masking their vulnerabilities in society.

However, it was the magnetic properties of a romantic relationship in the making that drew this couple to discover that they had shared the same desire. To strip away the most un-authentic pieces of themselves in order to love one another correctly and live their lives without the masks they had become all to familiar with.

Unable to foster functional relationships in the past because of their involuntary selfish habits to manifest this fear in their daily lives, they were both pleasantly surprised by one another's intention to introduce the same common denominator. Something that could help fight off this once destructive agent of dysfunction beginning to emerge in their new relationship.

Their personal spiritual relationships with God, that became the saving force over the years to help transform their once internalized fear entangled worlds, was now something they wanted to share with one another to ensure the success of their bond. And ultimately allow love to overcome the fear that had devoured their chances to develop this intimate connection they both desperately wanted.

In doing so, today they have found the purpose behind the suffering they were chosen to endure. And have combined their God given talents and testimony to deliver a message that could influence a new perspective for others to defeat their own mental battles with fear using the enriched attributes of love found in relationship with God and others.

They are boldly stepping to the front line of this war on mental freedom together, and are documenting every step of the way.

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