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One of my own first projects was a radical improv performance piece on film, named `Belching`. We would build a random `film set` on a stage, from anything we could find... tables, broken chairs, watermelons, Christmas lights, cart-board, toilet seats, drapery. We would hide clothes and props on this mixed set that from one angle looks like an office and like a jungle from another. At curtain call, we would close the curtains and turn on a TV for the audience to look at. On screen they would see the happening on the set... in front of them. `Belching` is a crazy one hour improvisation, an absurd movie of multiple characters played by myself and my scene partner. I have played a closeted drunk cop who party crashes on Christmas eve and falls hard for the resident senior paraplegic, a pregnant Darth Vader, an angry potato farmer who traffics tulips from Morrocco, A fan in love with a Marlyn Monroe cart-cardboard, a Moldavian Pizza Chef who invented the laser beam... I got nominated for a National Award in the Arts, the Horlait-Dapsens prize. Then I moved to Stella Adler LA to study acting and now I am producing projects again; getting back into Mixed Media. Currently going through scripts to find my feature film to produce. Won a Coke Zero commercial as producer, Invited to Cannes Lions. Organizing a Video Art Attack! exhibition in Belgium.


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