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  1. CreativeApplications.Net

    by CreativeApplications.Net

    4,244 Videos / 3,482 Members

    Apps that Inspire! OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Web Apps, Flash, Physical Interfaces, Max MSP development, Processing, openFrameworks and anything else... Please join + add screencasts of apps+projects…

  2. Experimental Space

    by Eduard Haiman

    1,309 Videos / 2,274 Members

    Experimental architectural spaces, landscape, interior, lounge, area, art-space, virtual space. Experiments with environment, movement, function, technology, visual characteristics, forms, interactions.…

  3. Grasshopper

    by Daniel Piker

    221 Videos / 246 Members

    Videos related to the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino. See also: http://www.grasshopper3d.com/video

  4. Revit User Community

    by James Vandezande

    58 Videos / 28 Members

    Collaboration on all things Revit.

  5. Adaptable Futures

    by AdaptableFutures

    7 Videos / 4 Members

    The Adaptable Futures (AF) research group at Loughborough University unpacks adaptability in detail looking at the complex web of dependencies that induce, hinder, and accommodate change. Adaptability…

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