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  1. Thank you Mr Keesey for taking the time to answer some of the questions people have regarding IC's mission/agenda. I appreciate and respect what this organization is trying to do holistically. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it, let's…
  2. Thank you Thomas. Your words have not gone unheard for me and I appreciate your opinion and reiteration regarding the heart of this topic and what good can come from this.
  3. I personally do not think KONY2012 is a scam nor do I feel that IC is doing this line of work to con the people. Let's be real, how is any NON PROFIT supposed to survive if the people running the non profit do not have some kind of income? People…
  4. Whether or not people are being duped by the Invisible Children charity/Kony2012 movement let's celebrate that people's hearts are in the right place. Stop being negative about something bringing selfless qualities out of men, women, and teenagers.…
  5. I fully support this movement and the any movement that brings such selfhless qualities out of people. To see men, women, teenagers, and children caring about a bigger picture and empathizing is a beautiful thing. I love what Invisible Children is…