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new york - avilés

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With their first collaboration album, .tape. and Aroah create a weave of kindred melodies and dream-pop gifts. After a 2005 release of Paintings on Spa.rk / Nature Bliss, .tape. returns with a new blend of subtly infused harmony, only accentuated and enhanced by the gifts of Aroah's delicate vocals, free and embedded in a moving, warm environment. Her every breath is honest and completely relaxed. Amiable movements glitter over the surface, carefully chosen harmonies pulling out, with choice acoustics and a velvet-smooth voice. In the glow from a warm window, bright colors flare and recede. Reality drops in, as easily placed as petals falling from a withering flower, yielding to new growth and imagination of the unexpected. Understated and edgy, yet luminescent and pure folk pop melancholia, 13 tracks play through with beaming nature hues. An album that sounds as if the entire Sarah Record’s staff was taking gintonics with Jim O'Rourke and The Microphones at any beach in Japan.

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