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Alban Smajli was born in Prishtinë, Kosova. It was his father who gave him his first camera at age of 13. His serious interest in fashion photography developed whilst traveling to Brazil at age of 20 and get shot by chance his first model Caroline at Copacabana Beach. His interest shifted from social commentary to narrative based fashion photography whilst his studies of Art History and Film Studies in Jena and Toronto. He travels the world, shooting for many magazines, such as Vogue Italia, National Geographic, to name a few. He has been behind the lens of cover photographs and got honored by several art accolades. Alban is knows as much for his professionalism as for his artist´s sensibility. No vision goes unrealized. Every shot is treated as a chance to create something unique. His experience as the Founder of the fashion and contemporary art magazine LE MILE has given him an unique insight into the creative needs of artistically photography combined with high fashion. In New York he also assisted photographers such as Matthu Placek and Fadil Berisha where he e.g. worked with celebrities on designer campaigns and high end editorials for VOGUE, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, V, and Visionaire. Alban´s first exhibition was at Hen Nutshuis Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands in 2011. These images represent just a sample of Alban Smajli´s passion for creating truly photographs. Currently he operates between Germany and New York.

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