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  1. Girls and Women in the Vimeo

    by Rin + Vimeo joined

    9,092 Videos / 4,983 Members

    Girls and Women in the Vimeo http://vimeo.com/channels/RinVimeo http://twitter.com/GirlsVimeo http://www.facebook.com/GirlsVimeo http://vk.com/GirlsVimeo http://plus.google.com/communities/100028417108424150581

  2. Fashion Videos

    by Andrea Duchesneau joined

    4,339 Videos / 1,205 Members

  3. Best Fashion-Fine Art Videos

    by Posza Robert joined

    3,342 Videos / 1,387 Members

    Best Fashion-Art Video



    7,359 Videos / 2,529 Members

    This is a group for young fashion designers who want to show their style. Bel Esprit is an online showroom for international designers and is always looking for new and dynamic fashion to present…

  5. FashionVideos

    by noMSG joined

    1,973 Videos / 615 Members

    Fashion Related Videos

  6. fashion editorial

    by Studio 703 joined

    2,086 Videos / 717 Members

    A group to feature a collection of fashion related videos

  7. Girls Girls Girls

    by Little Panther and Panda Bear joined

    898 Videos / 5,369 Members

    Videos with wonderful women

  8. Fashion

    by Christopher Freire joined

    569 Videos / 188 Members

    The art of pins and needles

  9. fashion & style

    by pb joined

    8,637 Videos / 2,082 Members

  10. Fashion Photography

    by Dave & Charlotte joined

    1,349 Videos / 596 Members

    The Best Fashion Photography From Around The Globe.


    by Jolifilm joined

    129 Videos / 1,360 Members

    We love lingerie & films!

  12. Fashion Films

    by Janet Pytowski joined

    1,247 Videos / 1,173 Members

    Fashion film shorts as the new digital art-form for online exhibition.

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