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Growing up moving back and forth from Africa to Germany, I've become fascinated with visual impressions of all kinds.
Along various qualifications I've gathered my experiences in arts especially working with Hans Neuenfels, Nan Goldin and Edgar Reitz, who influenced me the most professionally.
I made my cinematic debut concerning postproductions with CinePostproduction Geyer Berlin and acquired even more image editing and processing skills with Pictorion das Werk Berlin. There I've been given the opportunity to work on projects of Til Schweiger (Kokowääh, 2011) and Wim Wenders (Pina, 2011) among others. Besides that I've been able to extend my expertise to commercials and fiction as well as music productions.

Since 2012 I'm a freelance colorist/ D.I.T. combined with on set grading if necessary.

I'm looking forward to new challenging and exciting projects.

+49 178 481 7056


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