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  1. Once we anchor the mind to the NOW, it remains calm. In times of trials and tribulations, I survive, thanks to being in the NOW. This ability is purely because of my faith in our beloved Sathguru. JGD
  2. Appaji, help me on the path to see One in All and All in One. JGD
  3. Oh Narasimha ! I need you by my side to rescue me, each time I falter. JGD
  4. Home remedies have no after effects and it not only cures the ailment but improve the well being of the body and mind. JGD
  5. Synonymity of Spiritual as well as Physical Gym. We aspire to the latter as real whist the former encapsulates totally and path to the TRUTH. Thank you Appaji. JGD
  6. When we seek with a pure heart, who can refuse us ? Appaji is the greatest giver and he always helps his devotees with a genuine cause. A pure heart is a heart filled with LOVE. Love conquers all. JGD
  7. Could not agree more Appaji. Yet, I fall in to self created traps of worldly desires. Need to grow up and grow out.
  8. Compassion emanates from the Heart , It creates a state of mind to overcome the EGO bruising Hence Appaji endeavours to develop a mind of equipoise in every devotee. JGD