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I believe in a discreet, unobtrusive approach, capturing the moments and not the attention. This means no big intrusive lights to worry about, no re-takes and definitely no cumbersome equipment getting in the way.

As a couple, you have your own unique style and taste. You have your own ideas of how your wedding day will unfold. You are the one who has poured countless hours in to planning every little detail. My desire is to capture your uniqueness and creativity and artfully combine it with the music that inspires you and create something far beyond a typical wedding video.I’m here to capture the moments that you don’t get to see, your husband-to-be anxiously awaiting for the moment he sees you walk down the aisle, your family and friends arriving and all the little details that just seem to fly by “un-noticed”. This is your day, your emotions, your dreams! Why should your wedding video represent anything less?

Take the time out, go through sample videos, compare styles and ensure that the videographer you have chosen to capture your day has a true interest in you and not just their bank account.

Happy planning

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