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New Orleans, Louisiana

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Dacoda Bartels, the company founder, is also the lead Director of Photography. Dacoda is also a commercial helicopter pilot and his superior knowledge of modern aircraft make him a specialist when choosing an aerial filming platform. While in the air, Dacoda chooses to operate the camera and pilot aircraft only in his spare time. Dacoda trained as a commercial pilot in Honolulu, Hawaii before taking on his film industry training in Vancouver, British Columbia. After film training the industry began booming in his home state of Louisiana. Taking with him the new wealth of film set knowledge and experience, Dacoda moved back to Louisiana and set up shop in New Orleans. Joining with the I.A.T.S.E Local 478 film industry union, Dacoda was off to work on set. After 2 years of on set "Hollywood South" experience he started Barnstorm Cinema in October of 2011. In the first year Barnstorm has entertained clients such as, Paramount Productions, Animal Planet, and The Discovery Channel to name a few. Barnstorm Cinema is a highly specialized camera movement technology company. Limited not only to aerial cinematography, but now also offering stabilized off-road and on the water vehicles capable of getting your production team into the most remote locations. Places film makers couldn't possible dream of, because few (if any) human eyes have seen such locations! Let Barnstorm Cinema's team of adventure enthusiast film professionals take your production beyond anything you ever thought was a boundary.


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