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  1. true that
  2. 2625839 commented on Restless
    sick!! can't wait for the bts
  3. Hahahahha, too good. At first I, like most of us, was like " here we go again, dramatique sad story about a struggling to make it". The twisted end is so good. Really makes you like the main character.
  4. 2nd favorite short, amazing!
  5. Awsome work. If ever your in Canada you should check out the"Hoodoos, South East Kootenays - British Columbia". Pretty impressive and massive structure.
  6. So sick
  7. So clean, loving the last shot of the field.
  8. 2625839 commented on FUN CITY
    a lot of people must of inhaled a lot of toxic smoke that day, nevertheless i't's a sick video