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My name is Jack Bosworth and I am currently in my final year at Staffordshire University studying VFX (visual effects and concept design). Ever since an early age I have been interested in computing and design.

After studying Art and Graphics design in high school I went to college to broaden my understanding of both technical IT and the different aspects of the media industry. In my media course at college I went beyond my classmates to try as many different mediums as I could, including stop-motion animation, clay modelling, green screen compositing and real time filming, as well as looking into sound and photography.

My ICT course expanded my own self taught knowledge of computing. Towards the end of my college career I had a good idea into which area of media I wanted to enter, 3D modelling being my choice and so I began teaching myself Autodesk Maya using online tutorials and my own exploration.

I took a gap year in 2008 to work full time and pay for University which I started in September 2009. I entered Staffordshire University with a double distinction and a grade C from my college courses.

Since I started on the VFX course I have been setting myself little projects on the side to keep what I learn fresh in my mind. I hope to see myself working in the CG industry, in gaming as well as film and television.

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