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London, UK & Las Vegas, NV

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Manifest Productions is:

Kasra Ghaharian
Dom West
Luke Thompson
Ed Inglis
Ed Braun

Manifest productions is a division of the manifest skate crew that was formed by a group of friends in 1999. That year we filmed and edited our first rollerblading video, and recently at the end of 2008 we produced our fifth video. We do not make videos for profit, we simply do it for the love and to document the great times and memories rollerblading has given us.

On this vimeo page you can find our latest video; MVG. If you want to see our other vids please visit Kaz's youtube page;


  1. simsima
  2. Luke Thompson
  3. Ed Inglis
  4. Dom West
  5. Kasra Ghaharian