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Matthew Laming is a Music Producer from Ireland... His music combines rolling piano lines and alluring, atmospheric string progressions with original synth motifs to create a unique and melodic sound...

Originally starting as a trance producer (google, matthew laming) he quickly turned his talents to his love of ambient, chill out and classical muisic.

Listen to his music here :

Available for film music work, game music, commercials, etc etc

Please contact me here or at


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  1. Here's the kind of music I compose. I can compose music for all types of film Link:
  2. Here's the kind of music I compose. Link:
  3. Hi, This is a sample of the kind of music I compose. I can of course compose music to suit any film Link:
  4. Hey Mymla.. I am currently working on my short movie. The duration is 1 minute 30 seconds. if u are interested we could work together. I need the composed track by this january 20. if the time span is fine for you contact me.
  5. Take a listen to my stuff, will work for free/credit
  6. Musician/composer/producer available to compose music for free. Lots of genres covered,. take a listen to the kind of stuff I do. ;) Give me a shout if you need music! Link: