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Florence, Italy

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Everywhere we stand, we engage with our surroundings. As history stages an allegory of societal ruins, all is left is a composed return to the foundation of creation. Places are touched, people evolve; this is where we discover the rationale of man. United. Contradictory. Riveting.

This is the constant movement, from which ANDREA CAMMAROSANO explores the dimensions of sartorial wanderers. Each collection is an appraisal of extensive framework research, working from thematic rhetorics. ANDREA’s dialogues are fostered on the premise that many dreams shape individual truths, connecting what we wear with who we are.

Moving, yet composed, ANDREA expresses each leitmotif, through his silhouettes, detailing and illustrative graphics, giving the garments a timeless feel. Interaction is constantly encouraged, forever locking wearers in anticipation, suspended in time and space.

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