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  1. ))) datafone

    ))) datafone Plus Audio Design - Paris


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    Composing, modeling, original soundtracks. Research on adequacies between audio & visual. Composer also collaborating with Proximity BBDO Paris. info[at]datafone.org Keep Create!

  2. The Film Artist

    The Film Artist Plus the world is my home


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    Proud to be part of the world’s largest and best creative network, Vimeo, free and unbound to release my creativity and become an award winning filmmaker. http://instagram.com/thefilmartist/ twitter.com/thefilmartist facebook.com/thefilmartistHD www.thefilmartist.blogspot.com 'The…

  3. The Seventh Movement

    The Seventh Movement PRO Oakland, CA


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    The Seventh Movement is Thom McCallum and Vincent Guglielmina. Say hello@seventhmovement.com

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