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  1. Those are showing up in HD on my end on Apple TV. Have you tried resetting your router and/or cable modem? Also, restarting your Apple TV may help. Go to Settings > General > Restart to do so.
  2. I understand but, why just some of them are afected and why Netflix, youtube or HULU doesn't drop to SD quality using the same Apple TV? Here are the links of some of my videos Thanks for your…
  3. Can you link me to any specific videos? Keep in mind that there are a number of factors out of our control between you and the Vimeo that can cause the Apple TV to drop the video quality to SD levels.
  4. Tommy, thanks for you fast repply. Not all videos have this problem but most of them, including videos I uploaded. They look good on my PC but low res on my Apple TV. I love Vimeo, I actually buyed the Apple TV because PS3 doesn't have an app for Vimeo.
  5. Does this happen on all videos or just certain videos from Vimeo?
  6. Same problem here. Play on HD for a fraction of a second then turn to CD (Crappy Definition) all others Like: HULU, Youtube, Netflix on rhe same Apple TV look great.
  7. I get HD for 3/4 seconds then it dumbs back to SD, I had to change all my client viewing sessions to YouTube but I get copyright bullshit when screening with original and licensed pending soundtracks so you tube won't play them on ATV this us why…
  8. Apple TV uses a different protocol than iOS or AirPlay to play back videos from Vimeo. The former uses HLS ( ) that downloads and switches between SD and HD versions on-the-fly, while the latter progressively downloads a pre-selected…